Free Online Music Promotion Guides

YouTube Music Promotion Guide

YouTube 101 for Musicians

The full guide to start your YouTube journey as a musician.
Optimize your channel and attract the fans you deserve!

SoundCloud 101 Guide

(Coming Soon)
SoundCloud 101 for Musicians

Optimize your SoundCloud profile and attract more fans to your channel.

Spotify 101 Guide

(Coming Soon)
Spotify 101 for Musicians

Create playlists and build a strong Spotify profile to share your music with your best fans!

BandCamp 101 Guide

(Coming Soon)
BandCamp 101 for Musicians

How to setup a strong BandCamp page to start selling your music online!

Artist Website Guide

(Coming Soon)
Artist Website Guide

Create a high converting website to share your music with your best fans.

Email Marketing Guide

(Coming Soon)
Email Marketing Guide

Build an Email list and share your music with your fans.


Most frequent questions and answers

Will these guides work for my music style?

All these guides are created with no specific music genre in mind. They should work with every music style.

I am not a professional musician, can I still start with online music promotion?

Sure! All these guides are perfectly suitable to use as an independent musician, hobby or professional.

Some books are not available. When can I download them?

These guides are made one by one, so some of them are not finished or need to be updated. Check back soon or subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates on their release.

I am looking for a guide that is currently not listed. Can I send requests?

Yes you can. Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or LinkedIn with your request.