11 tips for Beginner YouTube Musicians

The top platform now for sharing video is by far Youtube. It is a great platform with many features you can make use of for free! Well most of them.

You can dive really deep into all the options you have on YouTube as a musician, but in this blog post, I will stick with the basics.

So here are 11 tips for musicians to start on YouTube.

How to get a Wikipedia Artist page – The do’s and don’ts

Wikipedia is a free platform with a wealth of information, accessible to anyone around the globe. It is probably the top encyclopedia on the internet!

Why would having a Wikipedia page (or wiki for short) be for you, the musician?

How famous do you have to be to be on Wikipedia and how do I get a Wikipedia artist page?

10 Great Video Ideas for Musicians on YouTube

You are not limited to uploading only music videos on YouTube. As a musician, you will have more to share than only your songs and latest album. By doing so, you increase your channel to be found on YouTube AND on Google!

Music-Mindst Podcast 02

Is YouTube a good place for musicians, and what are some good content ideas for musicians to create videos about?

How to set up a Crowdfunding Campaign for Musicians

A good crowdfunding campaign can help you achieve your ultimate goal as a musician. Getting a new album recorded, mixed and mastered, or preparing for a live tour. It is a great way to engage with your fans and offer them something in return.

YouTube Content Idea – “5 Guitar Optimization Tips”

As a musician on YouTube, you have tons of options to create content.Aside from uploading your songs, you can create other videos that help you grow your channel and build a large fan base. More content means more opportunities for new fans to find your YouTube channel!If you are into guitars (you probably are, since you clicked on this post), you have the option …

5 Ways To make Guitar Pedal Repair videos on YouTube

If you are a handy guy or girl, you probably have fixed a couple of technical difficulties in your studio.And not the Paul Gilbert kind of Technical Difficulties…Broken cables and guitar wiring are no mystery to you.Hey, you even took it one step further and started your own guitar pedal repair.