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BandCamp Music Promotion

Bandcamp vs SoundCloud

    Bandcamp and SoundCloud are both popular platforms for sharing and distributing music online. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms that you should be aware of:

    How to Promote your Music on YouTube (And other Streaming Sites)

      You have tons of options to promote your music online. Aside from sites like BandCamp, a great and powerful, free online music store, you can choose to put your music on various streaming sites. On pure streaming platforms, however, people will have more of a “radio style” listening experience. Think of Spotify and YouTube Music.

      No one wants to listen to my music on YouTube?

        You did some YouTube Marketing, built a website and email list, and even went as far as buying ads, so people will find your album better. Still, no luck. You look at the statistics and see that, yes, some people click on a link and maybe even listen to one or two songs, but…