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About Me

Do you create awesome music, and do you want to share your music oline?

My name is Maurice and I love to help you to share your music with the world.

Share your Music

With SoundCloud, Spotify, Bandcamp combined with Email marketing and a strong website, your online presence cannot be ignored by your best fans!
Music-Mindset has a ton of guides to help you with your online music journey!

Top Resources

Valuable guides for musicians, to start your online music journey.

Music Website Workbook

A basic guide to build a solid online portfolio website

Email Marketing Workbook

Start building newsletters that attract your best fans

SoundCloud 101

Setup a SoundCloud profile that attracts fans

YouTube for Musicians

Build your best YouTube Channel to build a strong fanbase

With some solid guides, I was able to grow my audience tenfold!

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You will get the best online music promotion tips to share your music with the world.