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YouTube Content Idea – Overdrive Pedal Basics

    From all the guitar pedals out there, an overdrive pedal is probably one of the first that every beginner guitarist buys.
    This is also one of the pedals that offer the most choices.
    Because of the variety in pedals, many guitarists are on the search for that solid overdriven tone.
    Some common overdrive variations offer tones that are Fuzz, crunch, distortion or metal based.
    In this blog post, I will refer to them as overdrive pedals, because in essence that is what they do. They emulate an overdriven amp (more or less).|
    Can you explain the difference in more detail? Good! Then read on and make a great video about it 🙂

    The basics of an overdrive pedal

    If you know how an overdrive pedal works, or what all the different options are regarding overdrive pedals, make a video about it. It will be a valuable source of information for beginner guitarist that are on the lookout for a specific tone.
    Explain how a pedal works, how various overdrive pedals create different sounds, and how you can set them up for maximum results.
    A great pedal series on YouTube that does this exact thing is from Ola Englund.
    He created a series called “Will It Chug”, where he tests out various pedals to see if you can use them for that Metal Chug sound.

    Check out the series here on YouTube:

    He gives a good example of the possibilities of every pedal, cheap or expensive.
    If you are not into Metal, feel free to make a similar show that focuses on your style. Will it Twang does not exist, so why not try that?

    Artist tones

    If you know what pedal is used by what artist, it can make for another good YouTube series. If you know how to achieve a specific sound that is searched by many guitarists, share it in a video in as much detail as possible.
    Guitarists love to hear how a sound is created, with all the settings involved. I have read a ton of message boards where some guitar-players dive really deep into this, so try it out and see what comes up to share.

    Your tone/Album tone

    If you have some albums on YouTube (which you should btw, 🙂 chances are that you are using specific gear to create your own tone. What are some overdrive pedals that you have used on a certain song? Can you recreate that sound on video and show people how you find your ideal tone?
    You can take this one step further and show your full setup, where you place certain pedals and how you like to record them all.

    The sky is the limit

    See how many videos you can create that revolve around overdrive pedal basics. If your audience likes it, make it into a series.
    It is a highly sought after topic on YouTube, so you cannot go wrong there.

    Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!

    Maurice from