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Why you are not getting Subscribers on your YouTube Channel?

    If you are not getting any new subscribers on your YouTube channel, you might be running into a problem that many YouTubers face when starting out.
    An important detail that is missing in this question is the views. Are you getting views but no subscribers?
    Then you could start adding a different call to action in your videos.
    This can be a simple image overlay with the text Subscribe on it, or it could be a small part of the video where you ask your viewers to subscribe on your channel.

    If you are not getting views AND subscribers, you could go a different route.
    The best way to tackle this issue is to dive into your analytics.

    Go to the YouTube Studio and click on Analytics on the left side of the screen.
    Here, you will see an overview of all the things that happen on your channel.
    What are the most watched videos, how many views and subscribers do you get, but most important, what and how are people finding your content?
    A very important part of your analytics is the search results section.
    You can find it under the Reach section of your analytics.
    You want to look for Traffic Source – YouTube Search.
    What do people search for before they land on your video?
    What are the key words that they use?
    This information will be in the key to growing your channel, as it will directly tell you what your possible audience is looking for.
    Do the keywords match your content? Is that what you want to create more videos on?
    If so, keep going and you will be fine. Maybe even double down on that!
    Add these keywords in your description to and even talk about it in your videos!

    The most important thing is to not give up!
    It will take time for your videos to reach the best audience depending on your content.
    As a sidenote, double check if the content that you create is actually being searched on YouTube. This helps to stay motivated and will maximize the results.
    Keep making awesome content and share it with the world!

    Maurice from