When should I start a new Youtube Channel? (if I already own one)

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Why should you start a new YouTube channel?

This can sometimes be a logical next step

Although that might sound like a good idea, you are basically wasting the subscribers and fans you already have. So, a better strategy could be to start re-uploading again, and build a channel from there.
If, for whichever reason, you want to change the type of content, you can still do the same, but with a slightly different approach.

First, I would start with uploading almost similar videos to see what your current audience reacts to. If the reactions are good, continue down that path and slightly steer in another direction.
With this strategy, you lower the chance of losing the subscribers you already have.

Note: As strange as it might sound, if no-one reacts to your videos, you can technically switch your style right away. So, this is actually a good thing in the end.

As a second tip, I would re-brand the full channel. See if all your visuals and text in the about section match the new video uploads.
Create a new YouTube template in http://Canva.com and write out a new YouTube Description template for your videos.
This way, you are basically making a new channel in itself, without loosing any subscribers/fans.

Extra benefits when keeping your best YouTube Channel

As an extra bonus, you will also keep the statistics and analytics you already have on YouTube. This can be a valuable thing, as your analytics will usually tell you what your audience likes to watch, how your videos are performing in general and what types of content you should create next.
The downside of making a new YouTube channel can be, that you have to re-build everything from the ground up.

In general, this would only make sense if you have a channel that is doing well, and you want to create content for a different niche/audience with a different topic than the existing channel.

Like mentioned, if your channel has only a few subscribers, so my short advice would be, to just start uploading again and go from there.

Keep creating awesome content and share it with the world!

Maurice from Music-Mindset.com