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What is the best software to create YouTube videos?

    There are many software programs available to create great videos.
    What your best choice is will depend partly on your budget and partly on your end goal.

    In this short article, I will go with my personal recommendations combined with what I know other YouTubers/Video creators use.
    The software listed below is capable of creating videos that can be used on any video platform, including YouTube and Vimeo.

    iMovie and Final Cut Pro X for Mac users

    Software like iMovie is free and comes with all Mac computers.
    It offers the basic editing tools and has an easy to use layout.
    A step up from iMovie would be Final Cut Pro X. It offers more functionality, but also has a slightly higher learning curve.

    I would recommend using it only if you find iMovie to be limiting for your needs.

    Adobe Premiere/After Effects for Windows users

    Adobe Premiere is a professional video editing tool that is capable of creating high quality video edits with many features. It can be a bit overkill for your average YouTube video, but once you get used to it, it is a very useful tool.

    Adobe After Effects will give you the extra option of adding special effects if needed. It can be used as a standalone software, so you could be fully ready with After Effects alone.

    The overall learning curve of Adobe software is a bit steep, so it might not be for your average, create a quick video type of content.

    Free video editors for Mac and PC

    There are a lot of free video editors that offer a full free version or toned-down version of a larger video editing package.

    Some notable programs are:

    -Lightworks (Recommended!)

    -Hitfilm Express


    -DaVinci Resolve


    My advice would be to try out a few of them to see what workflow you like best and then stick with it for a few months.

    Again, only upgrade if needed.
    A good reason to upgrade could be to remove a watermark, or the ability to create higher resolution videos.

    In the end, it depends on budget, needs and creativity.

    Keep creating awesome content and share it with the world!

    Maurice from