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After you have decided you need a good webpage for your music, you need a good hosting provider.

I recommend SiteGround for this, as it is a high quality and cheap provider with very good reviews.
Creating an account at SiteGround is pretty easy.
Below are the steps to create your account at SiteGround Hosting.
After this setup, you can set up your WordPress site from scratch, or transfer your existing domain/website to SiteGround.

If you need any help with the site transfer, Siteground has a great helpdesk and 24/7 chat.

To sign up for SiteGround Domain/WordPress Hosting, click the button below:
Click here to Sign-Up on
Next, choose a service that suits your needs.
For starters, the basic plan works perfectly fine. It will include everything you need for your new website.
You can always scale up later if your audience/website traffic grows.


Website from scratch, or transfer from existing site?

Next, you have two options. Setting up a new website from scratch or transferring your current domain to SiteGround.
If you are setting up a website from scratch, choose the option below:


After that, click proceed and if all goes well, you will see this page.
Here, you have to fill in your personal details like name, address and payment options.


If you are transferring your website from another host, choose this option and fill in your current web domain including the last part (.com/.net/.nl, etc.):


After clicking Proceed, you can continue to fill in all your details.


When you are finished with this process, you can start setting up your site.
Depending on your choice for a new website or transfer, the details will differ.
Check out this blog post that helps you choose the best web-hosting service for your Music Website.

Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!

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