How to Promote your Music on YouTube (And other Streaming Sites)

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You have tons of options to promote your music online.
Aside from sites like BandCamp, a great and powerful, free online music store, you can choose to put your music on various streaming sites.
On pure streaming platforms, however, people will have more of a “radio style” listening experience. Think of Spotify and YouTube Music.
Music is being played one after the other. No downloads are needed, and in most cases, it is free for the listener.
Services that provide a listening experience like that, the streaming kind, are the ones that you should have your music on.
Some free services are SoundCloud and YouTube.
It is an easy and proven way to get more recognition as a musician. If you promote it in the correct way, that is.

Make money streaming your music

You can upload your music on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and the likes. This can also be done for free or at a small cost.
The benefit of having your music on a platform like this is that you can make money. For every stream/play you get on one of your songs, you get a small amount of money. Think in small cents per play, so in order to make a decent amount of change, you need some serious plays.
There are a couple services that will put your music on Spotify and iTunes.
Services like Tunecore, Distrokid, and RouteNote are a good start. RouteNote is the only free one if you want to start out.
When you have optimized, uploaded and verified your songs on any of those platforms, the promotion starts.

Promote as much as possible, but don’t spam

Promoting your music is not difficult. It only takes time and effort to get some nice results.
You can use various social platforms, like Facebook or Twitter, to promote it.
Share it occasionally, say once a week, and put as much variety in your sharing as possible. Share a different song every week, or a different part of your album every month.
To maximize results and engagement on your social platform, you should also share other content. You can check out some great content ideas in this part of the website.

Add YouTube to your promotion campaigns.

A great way to create more content to share on social is to create engaging videos. You probably have plenty of interesting things you could share as a musician. Think about playthroughs, recording tips, behind the scenes and much more. If you do live shows, make sure that you get some recordings of that. They are great pieces of content that will attract new fans to your channel.
If your YouTube channel is set up correctly, you can then direct your new fans to your iTunes or Spotify account for some extra plays.
In RouteNote and Distrokid, your YouTube plays will also benefit you, as you can monetize your songs there.

Start today

Setting up an account on YouTube is a no-brainer.
After you are done, create some small videos and start sharing them on social. Get your first eyeballs to your videos and get some feedback on what your possible fans would like to see.
A detailed growth method to promote your music on YouTube can be found here.
Take small steps and measure the results. Keep creating awesome music and share it with the world.

If you want to sign up to RouteNote and start adding your music to all the major music platforms, you can do so by clicking the image below and create an account. It is as easy as 123.

Good luck, have fun and keep creating awesome music!

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(Disclaimer: I like RouteNote a lot. It is the only service where I have a decent amount of experience with, so I will promote them here using a referral link. By using that link, you help me keep my website and services sustainable, without any cost on your end. You are totally free to choose any other service you want 😉