The simple way to become Verified on Spotify

You want to become verified on Spotify. You know you need to see that verified sign next to your artist’s name. How awesome is that?Not only does it look cool, but it also shows that you mean business. You want to be recognized for what you do.

YouTube Content Idea – How to Build a Cigar Box Amp

Building your own gear is a lot of fun but can also contain valuable lessons.Why not share these lessons with your fellow musicians on YouTube! It is a great way to show your skills and to teach others how to modify or build their own amp.Let’s build an amp and some awesome videos that show how it’s done!

How to use Whatsapp Status to promote your YouTube Music Video

Almost everyone uses WhatsApp these days. So why not use it to promote your YouTube channel? Adding an audio file to your WhatsApp status update is a common method to promote a song or short clip. Now it is time to add your YouTube video and get your first views!

3 Ways to get more Soundcloud Followers!

SoundCloud is an important platform for musicians. And, it is free!It is a perfect platform to get more exposure for musicians, so here are some ways to get more followers and fans on your music.With these 3 simple tips, you will learn how to get your Free SoundCloud Followers in no time.

Creativity in Music: Composition

Finding out how to be creative yet productive in music is no easy task. But if you clear your mind, set some limits, and lower the stakes, something great is bound to fall out onto the page.