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Get your music on Spotify for free, in 4 simple steps.

    If you haven’t already, you should put your music on Spotify and iTunes. You need a digital music distributor to do so. There are many digital music distributors, but in this blog post I will focus on Routenote. The reason for this is simple. Routenote is a fully free service, available for musicians of all sizes. What better way to start selling your music online as an independent musician?

    Promote your YouTube Music Channel for free!

      You know you need it. That sweet free music promotion, those raving fans, that awesome audience. You will need a small audience to start with, especially when you are a beginner at music promotion. After you have set up your YouTube Music Channel and posted some music videos, it is time to promote it online.

      What is the best software to create YouTube videos?

        There are many software programs available to create great videos.
        What your best choice is will depend partly on your budget and partly on your end goal.

        In this short article, I will go with my personal recommendations combined with what I know other YouTubers/Video creators use.
        The software listed below is capable of creating videos that can be used on any video platform, including YouTube and Vimeo.

        YouTube Musicians – Brad Urba

          In this episode of Journey in Music, I talk with Brad Urba, a singer-songwriter who writes in different styles of music. Brad Urba can be found on YouTube. His channel contains some great high quality music videos. Check it out here and don’t forget to subscribe!

          YouTube Musicians – Athena Manoukian

            In this interview with the awesome Athena Manoukian, (Eurovision 2020), you see her way of achieving her goals in music and her view on the music business today. From the early beginning at the age of 12 up until her latest hit song “XO”, Athena lives and breathes music. Check out her YouTube channel too! It is booming, and she has a great YouTube strategy that works really well!!

            Sub for Sub is bad!

              Sub4Sub or Sub for Sub seems a simple and quick way to get more subscribers on your Youtube Channel. But does it actually work?

              YouTube Musicians – Kai Eckhardt

                In this interview with bassist Kai Eckhardt, known for his bass work with musicians such as John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham and Trilok Gurtu (just to name a few) He also created a couple of solo albums like Zeitgeist, and bass guitar lessons like the Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals on Truefire.

                How to Promote your Music on TikTok

                  In this awesome interview with Quinten Hyde, you will learn how to use TikTok to grow your music channel. TikTok can be a great music promotion platform for musicians and artists. But is it for you, the awesome musician?