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Online or Real life Live shows?

    Live shows in this time and age. Online or in real life?

    With the pandemic going on for nearly two years now, we’ve probably all “attended” by now an online event (whether for free or not).
    During the pandemic, these kinds of live shows have been a relief and something to look forward to when every week was the same, and it seemed like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. 
    However, the question that I’m asking you today is: would you prefer online shows or real life shows? 
    Here is a quick list of pros and cons to look at when evaluating the two different scenarios, starting from online shows:

    • Online shows are cheaper; obviously we don’t need to actually travel somewhere to be at the show and the ticket (if you have to pay) it’s probably one quarter of the price of an actual concert ticket for the artist you want to see. 
    • Online shows are safer; both from the “social distancing” point of view but also in case of emergencies, we can just not attend it, and we won’t need to cancel a whole weekend away in case some other plans come up. 
    • Online shows don’t give you the fan-artist interaction as live shows; you are not in a crowd with the artist on stage in front of you, and you won’t get a lot of “sing it” moments. 

    And looking at live shows:  

    • Live shows give you a 360 experience; from the whole travel experience to the place, meeting up with friends and new people, queuing up, waiting for hours for your favorite artist to come on stage and more!
    • Live shows have a whole visual set you will not get online; we’ve all been surprised by incredible lasers and fireworks during shows, haven’t we? Also, online we can see nice graphics, but nothing beats lasers going off and the crowd screaming in surprise.
    • Live shows can be seen as more “dangerous”; with the pandemic still happening, some of us might not like being in huge crowds, even without masks in some cases. That’s why online shows are still highly appreciated from the wider audience.

    So what would you choose?

    I know online shows are safer and cheaper, but me myself being a sucker for concerts/events for years, I still choose live shows.

    I prefer to be tested, keep my mask on but have the life experience to feel more emotions.