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In this episode of Journey in Music, I talk with Brad Urba, a singer-songwriter who writes in different styles of music.

Always, ALWAYS, be open to constructive criticism and feedback. I promise you, you don’t know everything.

How would you introduce yourself?

As Brad Urba. ;~P

I’m not very self-promoting, but when the topic of music comes up I will usually put it out there that I write songs.

This is the bio blurb from my website.

A cross-genre artist, Brad Urba breaks the mold as a typical storyteller and continuously pushes the limits of creativity outside of the conventional.

Dedicated to the discovery of self-expression, vulnerability, and reflection, Brad aspires to provide a positive influence and spark inspiration in those who listen to his music.

What made you start in making music?

Self-expression. I found music, more accurately writing lyrics to music, as an incredible way to let go of any type of energy that was accumulating and amplifying from within. It’s always been a huge outlet for me, and I find it extremely therapeutic. Writing songs has saved me, on many occasions.

I started writing stories as a child, dabbled in poetry throughout the years, and as I journeyed through the written word, started to write songs. In high school, I connected with a group of friends that I learned to freestyle rap with (rhyming off the top of your head, making it up as you go) and I thought to myself ‘I could put my poetry to music, which would give me actual songs’. Ever since I’ve used poetry in the form of verses and songs.

You make different styles of music, what is your favorite?

Music, like myself, is an ever-evolving form of self-expression. Emotions trigger thoughts, which become moods, in turn, setting a dynamic tone of energy for who we are in that very moment. Every encounter with our emotions is an opportunity for us to reconstruct our beliefs and, I believe, reshape and recreate different versions of ourselves. For every song ever written, emotion plays a role, captivating how we feel, and defining our presence through the experience that resonates from within. Regarding the songs that I write, each piece of music, each style, each genre is, in and of itself, a vocalization of what’s going on inside me. My lyrics are inspired by moods, experiences, by people, and the music that sets the tone for my inner dialog to find a poetic form of interpretation. I’ve structured and confined myself to the Rap/Hip-Hop genre for the vast majority of my musical existence and this exploration of freeing myself from those confines has been liberating, resurrecting the passion and enthusiasm that I experienced when I first started using music as an outlet for my emotions. To choose a favorite is to deny the worth, and different elements of value, that each style contains within itself. I hope you don’t feel as if I’m avoiding the question. I believe that each genre I work in is a unique catalyst for me to express a different version of myself, and to me, that is priceless. My passions extend to them all. Every style is a chance for me to express myself in a creative manner that will resonate with a genuinely diverse audience. I enjoy the versatility and various ways that I can deliver myself to the people who care to listen.


What is your latest music project?

Soooo many. Right now I’m spending a lot of time trying to cultivate and build a community around my music, attempting to navigate the world of social media. I’m trying to plan the releases of my next songs, shoot music videos, arrange photo shoots, create content for posting, all while trying to find the time to finish the songs that I’ve written, and continue to write new ones.

I just released 2 new singles. ‘Let Me In’, which is a Pop/Electro/Indie type of track, and the other ‘Cheers To More Love’, which is a Country/Pop/Rock song. Those are both available on all of the main avenues to purchase and stream music, and I am also giving them away for free on my website,

My next few releases are ‘The Way Down’, which is a dark and moody Indie/Pop/Soul kind of vibe, and ‘Red Light’, which is kind of outlaw Country/Rock vibe. I’m trying to figure out the release dates for those, as I am also working towards shooting music videos for both.

It’s a never-ending list of To Do ’s; ~P

What are some great achievements that you had in music in the last years?

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of some songs that were placed in Film & Television, and I’ve had the chance to work with some amazingly talented producers. Working with, learning and growing from people like Chris Hayman ( and Grammy Award Winning Dennis White ( has had monumental benefits in terms of my development as an Artist and Songwriter.

How important are connections in music, and how do you find them?

Connections are crucial. Social Media, Networking, and believe it or not, Craigslist.

What do you think is most important in being a successful musician?

Success is relative to the person who believes they’ve achieved it. For myself, I am on the path, but have yet to attain the level to which I’ve garnered as the barometer of success. I will say, the game changes every day. We all need to evolve with it. I’m also focusing on being more than a songwriter. I need to be a promoter, a manager, a booking agent, etc… A self-starter in all areas of the music and music business.

What is your opinion of the music market today?

There’s not enough Brad Urba on the Billboard charts; ~P

How does a typical day in your life look like?

Here’s what today looked, and looks like…

6am – Emails and Instagram messages with my morning coffee.

7am – Worked on updating my website and editing pictures.

9:30am – I had a spin class scheduled with my wife.

11am – Back in the studio working on my website

12pm – Going over and lining up all that I need to do for the release of ‘The Way Down’

1pm – Make certain to allocate the time to finish this interview 🙂

3pm – Work on recording vocals for a new song called ‘Warrior’

5pm – Depending on if I’m finished with my vocals, write a new song

7pm – Dinner with friends

9pm – I’m in a bowling league… lol. So, bowling

1am – SLEEP

What advice would you give other musicians that are just starting out?

Don’t ever let anyone place limitations on you. This world is full of people who don’t dare enough to dedicate themselves to their dreams. Don’t be one of them. Always, ALWAYS, be open to constructive criticism and feedback. I promise you, you don’t know everything. Let go of the reins and let people help you. Delegate what you don’t want to do to someone who is dependable and enjoys doing it. Always B U

Where can people find you, and why should they connect with you?

People can find me at and all social media sites /bradurba

Reach out and say hi 🙂

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Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!

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