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“Just do what you love the most, with all your energy and whatever comes is acceptable. In one way or another, if you really want it and you do it right, it will happen bro.”

– Athena Manoukian –

Everyone has a journey in music.

In this interview with the awesome Athena Manoukian, (Eurovision 2020), you see her way of achieving her goals in music and her view on the music business today.

From the early beginning at the age of 12 up until her latest hit song “XO”, Athena lives and breathes music.

Check out her YouTube channel too! It is booming, and she has a great YouTube strategy that works really well!!


How would you introduce yourself?

As Athena Manoukian.

How did you start in music?

From the early age of 12, I participated in a music competition in TV and won the first prize. That was the big first step for me in music, as I started realizing that I want to work more and more for this thing. When I got 13, I took part in Eurovision Junior, which was an awesome experience. At the age of 16, I started performing in nightclubs, and after that, I released my first song ‘’Party Like A Freak”, which went perfectly good! After this, my second song  ‘’I Surrender’’ came out, a song that really suits my taste in music. ‘’XO’’ is my latest single, which was recorded in Sweden and shot in Australia, and had great success in Europe!

Is music your only creative outlet?

I can say yes. If you want to reach the top, there is no time for anything else.

What is your latest music project?

As I said before, my latest work is ‘’XO”, but my latest project is the show I do all over Europe. It’s a project I made all by myself, choreographies, music list, costumes, everything. It’s a show full of energy and a great performance. That completes me as an artist, as I can show people that I can do it man, and I deserve your clap.

What are some great achievements that you had in music the last years?

Everything. What I told you before in a few words about my music career is an achievement in itself. I worked for it. Hard. For me, whatever I do in my next steps is an achievement, and that’s how it should be.

How important are connections in music, and how do you find them?

Unfortunately or not, are very important. Without connections, it’s way more difficult to move on. And that’s something I don’t like. I can’t answer how do you find them, because there is really no answer. You just have to be good, really good at what you do, and they will find you.

What skills did you have to work on to get to your current position?

There are no particular skills. If you like dancing, work for it to be a great dancer. If you like writing songs, then work to be a great songwriter. Although not everyone was born with great skills on dancing, singing, etc. As most of the times you were born with it, there is always a chance to be better at what you love, and sometimes to be in a bigger level than someone that has already the skills, but doesn’t put that effort on it. And don’t forget the most important. Luck.

What is your view on promoting your music online?

Well, I’m a bit old school on that. It doesn’t get me so excited about the online thing. I’d prefer my music to be on CD. Has a mystery itself and seems more like an artwork. Plus, everyone nowadays downloads everything for free. Lol.

How does your (music) day look like?

Oh, I can talk days about that. It’s so different every day. But I’ll tell you one thing that happens every day the same. I do ‘’concerts’’ in my room since I was 10 or younger (I don’t remember exactly:).

I make a 20 minute or more backing track and I will perform. That makes me fit on my breath on singing combined with dancing and makes me feel like home when I’m on stage. That’s why I have no stress when I perform. Because everything is right and ready for years now.

What advice would you give other musicians that are just starting out?

Don’t think where you want to reach. That will distract you from what you’re doing now and you will give up soon. You may take wrong decisions too. Just do what you love the most, with all your energy and whatever comes is acceptable. In one way or another, if you really want it and you do it right, it will happen bro.

Where can people find you, and why should they connect to you?

You can find me anywhere if you just type my name. And you should connect with me because I’m real yo!

I’ll make it easier to you by putting those links for you so you can find me easier :

Athena was to appear on the Eurovision Songfestival 2020

Check out the song below:

Athena Manoukian – Chains On You – Armenia – Official Music Video – Eurovision 2020:

Thanks, Athena, for your awesome interview!!

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