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How to start a YouTube Artist channel

    A good YouTube artist channel will make it easy for your fans to listen to all your music, in one place.
    Having an official artist channel bundles all your YouTube music content into one channel.
    So, your personal channel, Topic channel (the one that YouTube makes automatically) and Vevo channel will be one.
    Well, technically, you still have to log in to all these channels separately, but they will be bundled on YouTube as your official Artist Channel.

    How to create a YouTube channel for musicians.

    Having a YouTube artist channel is easy, but you need a couple of things to be in order.
    First, you need to be on an official distributor.
    Distrokid, CDBaby or Routenote are good examples, but you are free to Google for other distributors that match your needs.

    Second, you need the following.

    1. Create a channel and name it as your music/artist/band name.
    2. Have released at least one official artist track.
    3. Have released at least 3 videos of your official music on YouTube trough a distributor (here is where Distrokid, CDBaby or Routenote come in play)
    4. Have no copyright issues on your channel.

    Now, you can head over to your distributor’s artist page and search for “Add YouTube Channel to Distribution” or something of sorts.
    If you cannot find it directly, do a quick search on their page (as it is located differently on every distributor’s page) to find it.
    That is it! Once you get verified, you will have an artist channel on YouTube.
    You will get a notification if your verification is approved, and you will find a music note icon next to your channel name.
    Congratulations! You now have a verified YouTube artist channel! (Did I mention that this is free 🙂

    Ps. In some cases, you might not get approved. Double check all the steps you need to take, or read the explanation of your disapproval. Usually, it is an easy fix and you can apply right after.

    Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!

    Maurice from