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Start a Band on YouTube (YouTube Collaboration)

    You finally have that awesome instrument that you wanted, and now you are ready to make music with it.
    But wait, making music with others is even more awesome!
    So, why not start a band and create some awesome YouTube videos?
    This is called Collaboration on YouTube.
    If you haven’t already, you should form a group of like-minded musicians.
    To do so, you could follow these simple but awesome steps.

    The benefit of YouTube for your band.

    Having a band “offline” is awesome. You practice your repertoire in some basement or garage, and play some gigs on the side. You could even do a tour and build up a nice fan-base.
    We are not going to focus on that now. There is more that you can do as a band.
    With the addition of YouTube, you can expand on what you already have.
    Think about online live shows and concerts.
    A great opportunity for people that cannot attend your live show in real life.

    Multicultural bands

    Another great benefit of forming a band online is the fact that there are no boundaries.
    Literally. You can form a band with musicians from all over the world.
    This gives the added bonus of having multicultural influences within your music.
    Different instruments, different influences, different language. You can expand your musical creativity to a whole new level!

    The Gear/Tools

    To make great music, you need good gear.
    A decent sound card, good microphone and proper video will do.
    The expenses depend on the quality you want to achieve. You can get away with a basic webcam to record yourself. Spice things up by recording yourself a couple of times from a different angle, and mix the results into a simple music video.
    The sound needs to be as good as possible. Sound will even be more important than video.
    You can get away with mediocre video quality, but if the sound is below par, people will not like it at all.
    On top of that, your music might not sound as good as you want it to be.
    Invest in a decent USB sound card to solve this problem, and you are good to go.
    If you form a band online, you also need software that allows you to collaborate over a long distance.
    Software like Zoom or Skype could work, but if you encounter a lot of lags (timing difference in the connection), you could use online DAW’s.
    I would recommend Bandlab, as it is free, and can be used to collaborate with other musicians online.
    Check out Bandlab here:

    Bandlab online daw

    Add your collaborations to YouTube.

    Once you have created some cool collabs, make a video and add it to your YouTube channels.
    If you add links to all of your social platforms and share it, you create a wide platform where your music can be shared.
    If you are good with video editing, make a cool collab video. The more engaging and interesting you can make it, the higher the view and share results will be.

    Where can you find bandmates?

    A great place to find fellow musicians who are willing to collaborate is on YouTube itself.
    Contact musicians in the same genre as your music (or a different genre if you want to mix styles) and see if you can create a cool music project together.
    See if you align in terms of goal and music style, and you are good to go.
    Your main goal should always be to create awesome music together.

    Now start creating awesome music and share it with the world.

    Maurice from