The best way to share your YouTube video on Social media.

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How share your YouTube video on Social Media, with the best results!

To get the most views on your new YouTube video, you also want to promote it on all your social media platforms, right?
Yes, you can get traffic from YouTube itself, but if you want to maximize results, you need to choose your best social platforms that you want to post on.
Which platforms you should share your video on depends on you, but I would pick the ones where you have the most fans and the highest engagement.
In this example, I will use Facebook as an example, but the same technique works on other platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram too.

What is the best way to share a video on social?
Technically, there are two options. Chances are, you already tried the first one, but let’s see how the basic version goes.

Sharing a YouTube Video Link on Facebook directly.

This one is the best-known. Just copy and paste your YouTube video link, write a short post on Facebook and end the post with your link.
Facebook will auto-embed your video for everyone to see! Yay!
Easy, right? Well, maybe.

But, maybe you have noticed that this does not always work as well as you expect.
Sharing a YouTube video like this looks okay, but because you are directing people away from Facebook towards YouTube, you can imagine that Facebook does not like that.
They want people to stay on Facebook!

So, there is a better way with waaaay better results!
And, as a cool addition, it also increases your engagement on Facebook.

Upload a YouTube video to Facebook.

After you have created a great music video, keep a full copy of that video saved on your computer.
Use this video to upload it to Facebook (or LinkedIn) in full! Yes, that is right, the full video!
“But then they watch the whole thing on Facebook, and I want more views on my YouTube video, on YouTube!!”

I know, I know, but wait. Here is the extra bonus option.
Create a short, teaser-like video of your video and upload that to Facebook.
Then, do the same thing. Add a link into your first comment on the post yourself. Say something like “Enjoy this video? Check out the full version here ->”
A way better strategy to have your YouTube video on Facebook, is to use a short portion of the video (an image of the video can work too, but not with the same effect) and use it as a teaser or example of your full video.

Why should you upload a full music video to Facebook or LinkedIn?

By uploading a full video on Facebook, viewers stay longer on Facebook to watch that video.
In return, Facebook “rewards” you by promoting the full post a bit more.
So, your post with your top comment will reach more people!
If you add a good call to action in the post, like “full video in first comment” you will get that extra engagement on your videos too!

Another good bonus is, you will probably get better quality views on your videos, as people will only click on the link if they are interested, not only to ‘just’ watch the video.

Try it out with the next YouTube Music Video you create and let me know the results!‍

Keep creating awesome content and share it with the world!

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