Free Music Promotion with WhatsApp Status Update!

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WhatsApp is a big platform and often overlooked in online music marketing.
And that is a great miss, because it offers many good possibilities to connect with people and promote your music for free.
So, today, I want to share with you 3 tips to use WhatsApp in your YouTube Music marketing strategy.
You can use it to share links to your latest music video!

Let’s dive in.

Tip nr. 1 – How to share a YouTube Video Link on WhatsApp Status

This works on iPhone and Android phones.

  1. From your YouTube app, go to the video you want to share.
  2. Click on Share below the video, and choose WhatsApp.
  3. Choose Share on Status and adjust the sharing settings if needed.
  4. You can add some text if you want.

    A call to action could work great, like “Check out my new music video” or “Share with your friends who love this style!”

    You now have a WhatsApp Status update with a direct link to your YouTube Music video. It will show a small preview of the thumbnail too, so make sure it is a good thumbnail!

(Note: There is a known bug where your YouTube Thumbnail is not showing up on the WhatsApp Status. If you know a workaround for that, feel free to share it in the comments below!)

Tip nr. 2 – How to copy a YouTube Channel Link to share it on your WhatsApp Status

This method will allow you to share a YouTube Artist Channel link. You could also use the same method to share your website or BandCamp profile.
This method can be used if you want to get more subscribers to your YouTube Channel.
Again, add a call to action before the link to maximize results.

  1. Open the YouTube app on your phone and go to your Artist Channel.
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner
  3. Click on Share on WhatsApp and choose your status.
  4. Click next and add a call to action if needed.
  5. If you click send, you have successfully shared your YouTube Channel.

Tip nr. 3 – How to add an MP3 file to your WhatsApp Status update, using InShot Video Editor

This method will allow you to share a short music clip to your status update. It can help to give people an example of your upcoming song or album.
In order to do that, you need to convert your MP3 to a video.
You can use simple video editing tools to do that.
A good and free video editing tool for both Android and iOS is InShot Video Editor. You can download the Android version here, and the iOs version here.

  1. After you downloaded the app from the app/play store, open it.
  2. Choose Video and add any video you like. A copy of your original YouTube video will work, as it already has the audio. If you do not have that, use a generic, copyright-free video or quickly shoot a fun video yourself.
  3. Add the video and choose the audio button.
  4. Click on Imported Music and choose your audio MP3 track.
  5. Click on Edit and choose the length of your video. It needs to be no longer than 30 seconds.
  6. If needed, add a call to action in the video to increase the results, and have people take action after they listened to your song.

That is it! Upload this video file to your WhatsApp Status and enjoy the results 🙂

As with all online music promotion strategies, you do not want to overdo this.
Sharing your own music videos once a week is usually enough. Even if it is free music marketing, you do not want to come across as spammy.

Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!
Maurice from Music-Mindset