The best way to make a YouTube banner is to use a free online photo editor that offers templates and size recommendations.

The two main editors I would advise (and are often used by many YouTubers) are Pixlr and Canva.

And although both of them will do the job very well, starting out with Canva could be your best bet.

Not only do they have some great templates for YouTubers (top banners and thumbnails), they are also extremely easy to use.

Create a free account on

Create a free account here, that way you will build up a collection of templates and have it available across all platforms!

Search for a YouTube Banner template for your artist channel

So, too create a banner, create a free account on Canva, search for YouTube banner and use one of the templates that matches your style and niche the best.

This is an important step, as your banner will be the first thing that new subscribers see when they visit your channel! Canva has a great set of templates to guide you in this process, so finding the one that you like the most will be a breeze!

Try out different designs and add a call to action!

It can help to try out a few designs and see how they look on your pc, phone and maybe even tv.

After you found your best design, add a call to action in the banner! This could be a piece of text with directions to your website or social, or an arrow that points towards the subscribe button, or any links in the bottom right corner.

It could look something like this.

Use this design to create YouTube thumbnails in the same design!

The last step is to continue with your design, colorscheme and fontstyle to create awesome thumbnails for your videos.

You can read more about that process in this article.

Boom, you are pretty much done here!

With the same easy you can create all your social images!

Canva has got you covered on the full YouTube design thing 🙂

Keep creating awesome content and share it with the world!

Maurice from