How to Get Backlinks: 5 Essential Link Building Strategies

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(This one is for the tech-savvy musicians, who also want to dive into SEO)

Think there’s no way to get quality back-links without having a huge budget?

Think again.

It’s absolutely possible to build links by using strategies that don’t require money, but time.
This is a great way to get more exposure to your online artist profile/website.
Sounds like a lot of pressure, right?
We understand; we’ve been there.
And we’ve found a few effective link building strategies that really generate results. In this article, we’re going to share them with you.

Enjoy the read!

1. Create high-quality visuals

Say you write a great piece or put a great interview on your artist website, and it gets you a few back-links. If you want to boost your chances to get even more of them, complete your article with a great visual. Visuals like infographics or diagrams get quality links more easily than textual content.

By creating powerful images, you give value to others within your industry, and they’ll be more likely to use your visual to illustrate their own content, but will also link back to you as the source.

2. Publish Unique Information

You may not be the first one to write about a certain topic, but are you able to conduct your own research and publish unique data? Yes!

Just look at any blog post – whenever they’re talking about percentages, there’s a link to the research or survey the data is from. If you publish your own statistics and survey results, you’re not only providing unique value to others in your industry – you’re also inviting them to link back to you.

3. Use Broken Link Building

This strategy is simple and doesn’t require any money, but it can be highly effective. Imagine someone reaching out to you and saying – hey, can I fix this for you?

Before you’re even aware you have an issue, you get a solution. That’s what you can do for site owners whose content links to dead pages. Do your research and then offer the host to replace these broken links with content that’s just as good, or even better – more valuable than what they originally had.

4. Write Guest Posts

Guest posting is still among the most popular and efficient free link building strategies. And it’s valuable for so many reasons!

First of all, you’re creating an opportunity for many back-links. You’re also building your brand’s authority, getting exposure to more audiences, and positioning yourself as an expert by showing great knowledge about the chosen topic.

At the same time, you’re able to use your target keyword as anchor text and direct people to the desired page on your website. And that makes it the only strategy where you actually have control over how and where your link will appear.

5. Leverage Quora’s Authority

Okay, it’s true that back-links you get from Quora are no-follow, but it’s still a good strategy for giving your website more exposure.

You have endless opportunities of linking back to your website and directing people there to learn more about the topic in question. This strategy is excellent for driving more traffic to your website and boosting its domain authority.

Ready to Start?

So, what’s it going to be? Broken links research, guest posts, mind-blowing new data?

Choose the strategy that connects with your music and get started!

It may take a little time to do all the research, but the strategies described above are one of the best ways to boost your domain authority, improve online visibility, and, of course, get a lot of quality back-links.
All this will help you to rank higher on Google, thus increasing the chance of getting more fans to your music!

Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!
Maurice from Music-Mindset