How to create the best YouTube Thumbnail

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What should be the best thumbnail to attract subscribers on YouTube?

You want to have a good thumbnail that attracts new viewers. After watching the video, they hopefully become subscribers.
A good thumbnail has at least the following ingredients:
-An enticing title/wording/sentence that hooks the possible viewers
-Faces do really well in thumbnails, so consider adding one
-A small detail of the main video topic can increase people to click. (Videos about guitars should have a guitar in the thumbnail 🙂
-The text should be on the left side of the thumbnail. This avoids being obstructed by YouTube, like the Playlist overlay.
-Not too much small details or text in the thumbnail.

A good rule of thumb (pun intended) is to see how a thumbnail looks like in a very small format. From within your thumbnail editor, keep zooming out until you no longer see what the main text or topic of the image is.
In the last couple of years, mobile usage has increased a ton, so your thumbnail should be clearly visible on a mobile phone, in the side section of YouTube.

With these ingredients, you have a very high chance of attracting new viewers to your videos.
If the thumbnail matches the content of the video, you also increase the chance of turning them in subscribers.

Keep making awesome content and share it with the world!

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