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How to build the best SoundCloud Profile

    A free SoundCloud bio template to attract your superfans!

    To attract super-fans to your SoundCloud page, you need a solid profile and bio.
    Yes, you also need good music, that goes without saying :-).
    Still, your profile will represent you in the most professional way possible. It shows people your style and, in a way, what they can expect.
    If you match up the images like the top banner and the profile picture, it will attract more people to your main SoundCloud page.
    Even after listening to one song they might have found in your social bio or on your website, this will give off good vibes.
    So, how do you create the best SoundCloud profile and top banner? Here is a quick guide with a free SoundCloud bio template!

    Tip, download the template here and read the guide along with it. This can make it easier to fill it in!

    Quick info: What is a good SoundCloud profile?

    After signing up for SoundCloud, you have access to your personal page. This is part of your SoundCloud profile, but that is not all of it.
    If you choose Your Profile in the top menu, you will see how it all looks. You can find your latest post, your banner and profile images and your description.
    While you can technically start uploading all your music after signing up, you might want to update this page.
    Adding a full profile with a good bio, links to your top sites and professional images that match your style of music. This will be your full SoundCloud bio, so make it a solid one!

    What should I not write in my SoundCloud bio?

    As an artist, you might have a lot to tell. How your music journey came to be, what your ideas are behind your songs, and maybe even how you create your songs.
    I have read bios from artist that I have never heard of, but still they wanted to share their whole personal life with me through their SoundCloud bio.
    To be honest, I would not recommend that.

    First of all, it makes for a long read, and on SoundCloud, I usually want to listen to music.
    Second, why? Why is it so important for strangers (and possible fans) to know everything about your music, with details from years ago and mentions of situations that are totally out of context for a first time reader.

    Although I would understand that you have a lot to say about your motivations in music, this information usually fits a lot better on your website or maybe even a blog.

    You can read more about the importance of a website here.

    So, what should you write in your SoundCloud bio?

    You can check the example in the free profile template here, but there is an easy trick to this.
    Imagine this: How would you explain your music/artist work to a complete stranger you met in the elevator.
    You only have a short time, they do not know you, and you still want to explain your music in the best way possible.


    Hey there, my name is NextBestArtist and I create Electronic Rock music. I like to explore new territory in music by using newfound sounds.
    Here, I mainly upload my latest demos, but you can check my full albums here on Bandcamp/iTunes/SoundCloud.
    If you like to explore the musical world with me, you can also follow me on various social sites.
    Also, check out my website for the latest merch and downloads!

    This could be more than enough.
    Short, descriptive, and if people want to know more, they can either listen to your music or visit any of your pages.

    Of course, all this should be in your style and voice, so maybe try it out with friends or family.

    Pro-tip: If your music is multilingual or not in English, make it multilingual! Add a second copy of your bio in a different language, or the language you want to promote yourself with.

    This can sometimes help you get noticed in different areas of the world, and works wonders for many bands that know where their music is most played!

    How to put your bio on SoundCloud

    After you have written down your bio story, collected the main links to your top social pages and created some images, it is time to put everything on SoundCloud.

    1. Start with the images. Upload your banner image and your profile image. Nothing too special here, usually this goes without any real difficulty.
    2. Upload your bio and story. SoundCloud has a special place for this, so it is pretty much copy and past.

    As an extra tip, you might want to double-check the text after you copy it to your profile. Are the sentences nice and readable? The SoundCloud bio is a small part on the side of the screen, so sometimes a sentence is not very readable. (Those are a lot of s es. 🙂
    Then, add all the links needed. SoundCloud offers a few designated link areas where they will help you add the icons of the social page you add.

    Add your website link to the website area, but if you don’t have one, add your BandCamp link here!

    How to make your SoundCloud profile picture and banner.

    A well-designed image will speak for itself. There are a few ways to add cool images to your music, and the more they represent your style of music the better.

    A profile image and the top banner should match nicely together. You can upload a banner that not only has a nice imagery, but also contains some text about your latest release. This could be your album title, but it can also contain some tour dates, the album release date, or even some call to actions! (Download my full album on Bandcamp, or Upcoming Tour Dates, for example)

    To achieve the maximum quality in your images, the banner image should be at least 1240×260 pixels.
    The profile image looks best when the dimensions are 1000×1000 and no more than 2mb.
    You can see an example layout in the Free SoundCloud profile template here:

    Pro-tip, a cool way to make them match even more, is to give the illusion of a transparent background on your profile image.

    You can check out this video, which explains the whole process. The result is pretty cool!

    You can download the image template here, and even edit it in Pixlr. It is super easy and gives that extra professional look to your page!

    How and when to upload new songs to your SoundCloud

    Uploading songs can be done in different ways. Yes, uploading a song is always the same from a technical standpoint, but you can do a lot with when and why.
    Why do you want to upload a song, and when is the most logical time to do so?
    For example, you could upload a song right before the release of a full album. So, the song can be a teaser. Add this to your social posts and get some extra engagement.

    New songs make for great content, so make sure you post them all across your social media, so people can find it there.
    Add a cool photo of your performance or your gear, or even the album art, and you have some cool stuff for your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post!
    Also, don’t forget about YouTube, but that requires a slightly different strategy. You can read more about it in this blog post.

    Another way is to upload a full album, all at once. After uploading, it will be available directly for your fans. This will obviously be a different experience than uploading one song per day or per week.
    This could be a strategy too, but it all depends on what you want to achieve.
    See what works best for your music and promotion strategy. You can get amazing results as more you synchronize all this.

    Make your SoundCloud profile public!

    After you have saved everything, your profile is pretty much public right from the start. But you want to add it to your social pages too!
    Why not add your SoundCloud profile link to your other social pages in your bio.
    This will direct people directly to your page. Even better, make a link to your latest song, and share that on your social profiles.

    Conclusion: Now you know how to make a good SoundCloud bio!

    With all these above steps, you can now create a super SoundCloud bio!
    If you have any questions about the free SoundCloud profile template, feel free to reach out.

    Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!

    Maurice from