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YouTube Content Idea – “How to Become a Great Bass Player”

    YouTube needs more bass guitar. Period.
    If you are a bass player, there are many options for you to create awesome YouTube content around bass guitars, bass players, gear, etc.
    Combine it with a great YouTube growth strategy, and you could become one of the top bass-guitar channels on YouTube! It will increase your visibility, and you will get more eyes on your music!

    The Bass-ics of bass guitar – Tutorials and lessons

    To grow on YouTube with bass guitar videos, you can choose different routes.
    Let’s go through some content ideas for bass players to create some awesome videos on YouTube.
    First off, you could share how you play the bass. It can be as simple as that. If you are good at teaching stuff, this could be a great way to get more eyes and ears on your music channel.
    Instead of bass guitar lessons, you could also do play-troughs. Many musicians create videos where they play along with certain songs.
    You could do this with your own songs, but if you do this with trending songs that fit your style, you will attract a lot more people to your channel.
    A great example of a YouTube channel with awesome bass-lessons is Ariane Cap’s channel. Check out here method and interview here!

    Bass tech – How-to’s and DIY

    Are you a crafty person? Do you adjust the bass to your liking, or have you built your own bass?
    Make some videos where you share your work. Show all the details on how you did it, why, what is needed and the benefits. A lot of aspiring musicians love these videos, and how-to videos do really well on YouTube.
    Again, another great way to get more potential fans to your channel.

    Recording Bass Guitar

    If you have recorded your bass guitar before, you know how difficult it can be to make it stand out in a mix.
    Once you have found some great ways to record your bass, share it in a video. How do you get your special sound?
    How do you create that solid low-end in a mix?
    In this category, a walk-through works really well. You could even share a recording session in a live stream. Simply set up a camera pointing towards the screen and you and explain how you record and mix your bass guitar.
    These valuable tips will be consumed by tons of beginner bass players. Show off your skills and teach people how to become better.

    Bass Gear – Setup, maintenance and tricks.

    Bass players love effects. Chorus, compression, EQ, Octaver, you name it, we love it. If you have a set of effects or use an effects unit, you might have a special way of getting your awesome tone.
    By sharing your settings, you help people to get a certain tone.
    It sounds so simple to do, and it is. There is no real reason, other than simply not liking it, to NOT make a video about your bass gear.
    As an extra option, you could consider doing gear reviews. If you like to make reviews, you can prepare yourself to make paid reviews later. You can start by adding affiliate links to a certain piece of gear in your description. Or, create a website with a list of all your gear and direct people to it.
    Once your channel grows big enough and if you have enough followers/engagement on your channel, you can also try with sponsored videos.
    Boom, two more options to make money as a musician on YouTube!

    Choose what fits your style

    Although you can try out all the ideas mentioned before, you should only create what you like and what fits your style.
    Once you have found a certain type of video that you like to create, make a couple of them in series and add them to a separate playlist. This will be another great piece of content to share on your social platform.
    You decide how far you will go. If you find something that works really well, for example lesson videos, consider to create a paid course.
    This is another valuable way of making money as a musician.
    Try it out and good luck!

    As always, keep creating awesome music and share it with the world.

    Maurice from