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How to get more followers on your Spotify Artist Channel

    Are your fans also on Spotify?

    Finding your fans online is not a simple task. It takes strategy to know where your fans are, what they like, and how they will interact with your music.
    The methods used to get subscribers and fans on YouTube do not all work on Spotify.
    That is why I wanted to include some Spotify tactics to help you get your first fans.

    It’s all about Spotify Playlists

    The number one strategy you will find online to get more plays and followers on Spotify is using playlists.
    Spotify Playlists are a big help in getting your music heard. The main reason is simple.
    Many, if not all, Spotify users create playlists with their favorite music.

    Spotify promotes this method too.
    By using this playlist, you get a personalized music experience.
    That is why you, as a musician, should take advantage of this knowledge and find some ways to get on their playlist.

    Make and share your own playlist

    Do you know your music style? Try to find other musicians on Spotify that create similar music and create a playlist around that style. Put some of your own song in the list (around 1 per 10 other songs) and share that playlist online.
    Name it something catchy. See how some top performing playlists do. They often have names that describe a feeling or a scene. “Summer Dance Mix 1995” could work really well.
    Share your new playlist with your friends and followers on social. If you make a good playlist, they might even share it with their friends.

    Promote your channel on YouTube.

    Adding a simple link in your YouTube description can bring in some new fans.
    Adding a direct call to action in one of your videos can work even better.
    Some good spots (for Spotify 🙂 in your video are end-screens and cards.

    Reach out to fellow musicians

    After you have found some related artist on Spotify (they can show up on your own Spotify songs), see if you can contact them. Search for more information about a certain artist on Google, and see if you can contact them.

    If you keep it professional and tell them you are a fellow musician and want to add them to your playlists, chances are that they agree and maybe even share that playlist on their social profile.

    The more professional you keep it, the better. Begging for shares or spamming DM’s will not increase your popularity.

    Stay consistent

    Growing your fan base on Spotify will only work if you stay active. Post on a regular basis, and maybe use some automation software like Crowdfire or Buffer to post your songs and playlists.
    Sign up for a free account on the Spotify Community.
    They have a ton of posts about new musicians and playlist submissions.

    Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!
    Maurice from