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Get Copyright Free Background Music for your YouTube videos!

    Adding free background music to your YouTube videos is a must!

    At least, if you want to improve the quality of the video. And if you can find some free background music, even better.

    For us musicians, that should not be too hard, right? You could have some nice instrumental vlogging music in no time. For free!

    A simple solution might be to use your own music in a video. This can often work really well, but it also depends on the type of video you want to create. What if you want to record a tutorial video, or a daily vlog. Could you use your own music there? Does it match the content of the video? And isn’t it too much self-promotion in the end?

    Read the full article below the video, or check the video for some extra details using copyrighted music on your YouTube channel:

    That is where stock music comes into play.

    Many YouTubers use royalty-free music in their videos, but where do they download it from?
    Here are 5 places where you can get stock music at no cost!
    That means no copyright issues if you follow the rules, and no cost in acquiring the songs… Win-win!

    If you want to know more about Royalty Free music, Premiumbeats has a great article on what it is and what not. Be sure to read it to avoid confusion.

    Where to get free background music for your videos?

    YouTube Creator Studio

    The first place you want to look is the YouTube creator studio. YouTube gives you a ton of options in terms of music and sound files you can use for your videos. In YouTube Studio, go to Create Video and scroll through the list of songs. You can even segment them in style, length and even type. Want a high tension song with a folk vibe? No problem.

    There is a high chance you find what you want, and in most cases you could end up finding exactly what you want. A lot of video creators only use a handful of background music in their videos.

    But if you want more options, read on.

    Stay on YouTube and search for royalty-free music

    You will find channels that offer YouTube Music you can use in your videos, no strings attached.
    But you want to double-check this. What are the rules for using their songs? In most cases, they will ask you to credit the original composer of the song in your description. You could also credit them in your video while the song is playing.
    Whatever the case, remember this rule. It is a small effort to do so, and you are helping the original composer by giving him brand awareness.

    Always double-check the rules to avoid possible copyright issues later. You want to know for sure that you are free to use the music you find.
    Find the ones that do not charge with it. They exist, and they give you a lot of options.

    Also, check how you can obtain the songs. A good channel gives you the option of downloading the songs from their website, without using a YouTube video-downloader. They can also share the download links in the description.
    If you get directed to a website, see it as an extra chance to read through the policies again. Better safe than sorry πŸ™‚

    Websites with free music

    You can go on Google to find websites with stock video music.
    Many of them are free, but some charge a small fee. Here it is important to read the disclaimer and find out what you have to do to use it legally.
    In most cases, this can be done by crediting the original composer in your video and/or description.

    Aside from great Google results, you can also check out SoundCloud. Simply search for YouTube Background music, and you will be presented with some good results.
    Here is one with a large amount of good quality songs for every style of YouTube video:

    Create your own music

    This one might be simple for you. You are a musician, after all!
    By now, you might have heard some styles in free stock music here and there. If you have watched some travel vlogs, tech vlogs or make-up videos, you have probably heard a ton of examples of background music.
    It was probably fun, lighthearted and no nonsense music.
    Could you create your own music? If yes, do it! This is a good way to show what you are capable of and to have truly free background music.

    Bonus tip: From a content perspective, if you are excellent at it, and you like doing this, make a playlist with your royalty free background music and promote it on YouTube!

    Maybe even sell it in small packages from your website? You wouldn’t be the first musician that is successful doing this. Depending on your style, this could work really well for you.

    As a guideline: Soft, easy listening music goes well with a tutorial video or story vlog, while up beat music could work better for travel vlogs or sports videos.

    Use your own music

    For the last option, I just want to mention again that you could also use your own music. This only works if your music fits as background music for YouTube videos.
    Normally, your fans listen to your songs to enjoy its structure and story, so not all songs could work as a background song, as they can become distracting.
    Try it out in a couple of videos and see if you and your fans like it!

    Bonus!!: You can also get free YouTube background music if you sign-up for Tubebuddy

    TubeBuddy is a free tool that helps you optimize your YouTube videos to get more views and subscribers. The paid version includes access to the AudioHero sound library with more than 250,000 sounds.
    If you want to learn more about working with TubeBuddy to increase your YouTube views and subscribers, check out TubeBuddy for free here:

    Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!

    Maurice from‍

    Some extra notes:

    Depending on the types of videos you create that you want to use background music for, try to see what your audience would like. I have seen many videos online where the comments are flooded with complaints about the background music being too loud, too irritating, too β€œbusy”, etc.

    This will be a trial and error thing on your channel, as it partly depends on your audience.

    With these sources of free YouTube background music, you should have enough options to make your videos stand out more. Your end goals should always be to entertain your viewers and keep them watching for as long as possible. Scaring them away with heavy loud music right from the start won’t help you grow your YouTube channel, as you might imagine πŸ™‚

    Check out my resource list for more tools to create better videos as a musician on YouTube.

    Keep creating awesome music, and share it with the world!

    Maurice from