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Drooble – The best Social platform for Musicians

    Important Note: As of December 2022, Drooble will stop in its current form. There are currently no future updates, but you can always check the website here:

    What is Drooble exactly? Just another social media platform for musicians? And can you connect it with your YouTube promotion in any way?

    In their own words

    Our Mission: At Drooble we believe that music has the power to change the world for good. We want to create a community that unites musicians. A place where you can connect with others to exchange ideas, share knowledge and start bands. A place where you can get your music appreciated and receive feedback from other musicians.

    That place is Drooble!


    Why you should sign up to Drooble!

    As a musician, you spend most of your time creating awesome music. However, that should not be the only thing that you should be doing.
    You need people around you. You need a social platform for musicians only.
    People that also make music, play instruments, search for gear, share information and want to listen to new music.
    That is where walks into the room… the long-awaited soulmate online.

    YouTube and Drooble

    One other reason to sign up is the fact that you can promote your YouTube music!
    By adding your songs to their service, for a small fee, you can generate your first real views on your channel and songs!


    Some features that you should know of.

    There are tons of things that you can do on
    Check out new music, ask questions, showcase your own music, start a blog, promote your latest album/song.
    But one of the most interesting features, in my opinion, is collecting points.
    They have a great system where you are rewarded for any positive contribution that you add.
    If you post a blog post, like a page, and answer a question, you will get points.
    With these points, you can get promotions like interviews, song promotions or a free EPK.
    These are probably the most important things to start with as a musician.


    Jam with the world

    Another noteworthy feature (waw, even more?) is that you can search for band members to play, jam or even practice with!
    Searching for other musicians to play with can be the greatest thing ever. You will improve your own skills, and you can help others simultaneously. Playing together is a must for musicians, even if you want to be a solo performer.
    You will never know how things work out. You could do a collaboration, maybe record a quick song together, learn how to add certain instruments to your song or find your next soulmate in music.

    Why do you need a Social Media Platform for Musicians?

    Do you want to know? Do I have to tell?
    Let’s just put it like this. What are you missing on other platforms? A focus group? More gear talk, instrument tips, awesome music, a reward system and a place to find like-minded friends?
    Yep, that is what you will get on a platform like No need to scroll to endless posts about the neighbour’s cat and the latest dinner recipe.
    Just full-on music talk. That is what we all want as a musician, and that is what you can do to your heart’s content.

    More to tell…

    There is so much to do on, and I cannot fit all that into one post, so remember to sign up on the right of this page and find out when I will be talking more in-depth on some features that you might like.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Yes, this is the part where I ask you to sign up, but did I also mention you should check out their website and see what more they have to offer?
    Did I tell you about the free app that you can download and use to interact with your fellow musicians?
    Or the free internet radio?
    I could go on and on about all this, but just check it out yourself.

    See you on

    Keep making awesome music, and share it with the world!

    Maurice from