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YouTube Music Promotion

How to make a YouTube Banner

    The two main editors I would advise (and are often used by many YouTubers) are Pixlr and Canva.
    And although both of them will do the job very well, starting out with Canva could be your best bet.
    Not only do they have some great templates for YouTubers (top banners and thumbnails), they are also extremely easy to use.

    How to start a YouTube Artist channel

      A good YouTube artist channel will make it easy for your fans to listen to all your music, in one place.
      Having an official artist channel bundles all your YouTube music content into one channel.
      So, your personal channel, Topic channel (the one that YouTube makes automatically) and Vevo channel will be one.

      How Do Musicians Make Money On Youtube (7 Ways To Get Paid)

        I get it; it seems so unreal when you hear of musicians making thousands of dollars from YouTube. When you’ve put a lot of sweat and tears, but still, your channel looks like a desert. Nobody knows you’re alive, but don’t get down on yourself. Let me share a few stats with you.

        How to setup your YouTube Home Studio

          Now, this is the part we all want to work on. The creative art of writing and recording a creative music video for YouTube. In this article, I will focus on setting up the recording, and not the editing part. That will be something for another post 🙂 For now, let’s just focus on the technical setup.

          Help, I am loosing YouTube subscribers overnight! What is happening?

            Technically, YouTube will not “take” subscribers.
            What is more likely to happen is a general cleanup of subscribers.
            This is something YouTube does once every so often to filter out the fake from the real subscribers.
            In the end, it will be actually beneficial if YouTube removes fake subscribers from your channel, as they do not add any value other than the subscriber numbers.

            How to Promote your Music on YouTube (And other Streaming Sites)

              You have tons of options to promote your music online. Aside from sites like BandCamp, a great and powerful, free online music store, you can choose to put your music on various streaming sites. On pure streaming platforms, however, people will have more of a “radio style” listening experience. Think of Spotify and YouTube Music.

              How to get more views on your Music Videos

                It can be very difficult to get views on your videos, but with these simple tips, you can increase your views a ton! The top 3 important things for your best YouTube video are still thumbnails, titles and descriptions.

                Start a Band on YouTube (YouTube Collaboration)

                  You finally have that awesome instrument that you wanted, and now you are ready to make music with it. But wait, making music with others is even more awesome! So, why not start a band and create some awesome YouTube videos? If you haven’t already, you should form a group of like-minded musicians. To do so, you could follow these simple but awesome steps.

                  Top Famous YouTube Musicians

                    We talk a lot about the impact of social media on a musician’s career, how it is important to be active on them. And especially on YouTube, to reach a wider audience. However, besides talking about it and showing the best practices for social media, let’s have a proper look at who made it thanks to YouTube, those artists that wouldn’t be where they are today without this platform.