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YouTube Music Promotion

YouTube Content Idea – “5 Guitar Optimization Tips”

    As a musician on YouTube, you have tons of options to create content. Aside from uploading your songs, you can create other videos that help you grow your channel and build a large fan base. More content means more opportunities for new fans to find your YouTube channel! If you are into guitars (you probably are, since you clicked on this post), you have the option …

    5 Ways To make Guitar Pedal Repair videos on YouTube

      If you are a handy guy or girl, you probably have fixed a couple of technical difficulties in your studio. And not the Paul Gilbert kind of Technical Difficulties…Broken cables and guitar wiring are no mystery to you. Hey, you even took it one step further and started your own guitar pedal repair.

      YouTube Content Idea – How to Build a Cigar Box Amp

        Building your own gear is a lot of fun but can also contain valuable lessons. Why not share these lessons with your fellow musicians on YouTube! It is a great way to show your skills and to teach others how to modify or build their own amp. Let’s build an amp and some awesome videos that show how it’s done!

        YouTube Content Ideas – 8 Guitar-Amp Mods

          There is something awesome about modding your amp. Finding new tones, changing the aesthetics to match your band style, or just fooling around to see what works and what not. (Remember, smoke is bad)When it comes to modding a guitar amp, you have a ton of options nowadays.

          The best way to share your YouTube video on Social media.

            With this simple trick, you can share your YouTube videos on Social Media, and get better results. It works a lot better than sharing your video links to any social platform, and will help you maximize the reach with your music video.