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SoundCloud Promotion

The best SEO strategies for your SoundCloud Music

    To get more reach in the online world, you need to optimize your content for search. This basically means, that everything you write and create, is geared towards search engines. It will then be Search Engine Optimized 🙂
    It will usually result in content that is easy to read, but also adds words and sentences that are searched for.
    That way, search engines will recognize the content as being valuable for searchers.

    The same strategy works for online music. While not always as easy to add search engine friendly words (as your artist name and band name are not always widely known), it is still possible to generate extra views on your music by using SEO strategies.

    Does SoundCloud promote my music?

      SoundCloud does offer a range of promotional tools and services that can help you promote your music on the platform. However, it’s important to understand that SoundCloud is primarily a hosting and distribution platform, rather than a traditional music promotion service. This means that while SoundCloud can provide you with the tools you need to share and distribute your music, it is ultimately up to you to actively promote your tracks and build a dedicated fanbase.

      Daily/Weekly SoundCloud tasks for more followers.

        We all want more followers on SoundCloud. Making awesome music is a big part of getting them, of course, but there are a number of daily or weekly tasks you can do to help grow your SoundCloud profile and reach a larger audience. Here is a more detailed explanation of some of these tasks:

        How to build the best SoundCloud Profile

          To attract super-fans to your SoundCloud page, you need a solid profile and bio.
          Yes, you also need good music, that goes without saying :-).
          Still, your profile will represent you in the most professional way possible. It shows people your style and, in a way, what they can expect.
          If you match up the images like the top banner and the profile picture, it will attract more people to your main SoundCloud page.
          Even after listening to one song they might have found in your social bio or on your website, this will give off good vibes.
          So, how do you create the best SoundCloud profile and top banner?

          3 Ways to get more Soundcloud Followers!

            SoundCloud is an important platform for musicians. And, it is free! It is a perfect platform to get more exposure for musicians, so here are some ways to get more followers and fans on your music. With these 3 simple tips, you will learn how to get your Free SoundCloud Followers in no time.

            How to Promote your Music on YouTube (And other Streaming Sites)

              You have tons of options to promote your music online. Aside from sites like BandCamp, a great and powerful, free online music store, you can choose to put your music on various streaming sites. On pure streaming platforms, however, people will have more of a “radio style” listening experience. Think of Spotify and YouTube Music.

              No one wants to listen to my music on YouTube?

                You did some YouTube Marketing, built a website and email list, and even went as far as buying ads, so people will find your album better. Still, no luck. You look at the statistics and see that, yes, some people click on a link and maybe even listen to one or two songs, but…

                Get Copyright Free Background Music for your YouTube videos!

                  Adding free background music to your YouTube videos is a must if you want to improve the quality of the video. And if you can find some free background music, even better. For us musicians, that should not be too hard, right? You could have some nice instrumental vlogging music in no time. For free!