10 Great Video Ideas for Musicians on YouTube

You are not limited to uploading only music videos on YouTube. As a musician, you will have more to share than only your songs and latest album. By doing so, you increase your channel to be found on YouTube AND on Google!

Music-Mindst Podcast 02

Is YouTube a good place for musicians, and what are some good content ideas for musicians to create videos about?

How to set up a Crowdfunding Campaign for Musicians

A good crowdfunding campaign can help you achieve your ultimate goal as a musician. Getting a new album recorded, mixed and mastered, or preparing for a live tour. It is a great way to engage with your fans and offer them something in return.

How to Promote Your Music Online – Podcast Episode 01

Knowing the basics of Music Promotion is a must as a musician.You worked hard on your songs and your latest album, and now you want the world to know.You created an awesome piece of music. But how do you find your ideal audience?

How Do Musicians Make Money On Youtube (7 Ways To Get Paid)

I get it; it seems so unreal when you hear of musicians making thousands of dollars from YouTube.When you’ve put a lot of sweat and tears, but still, your channel looks like a desert.Nobody knows you’re alive, but don’t get down on yourself. Let me share a few stats with you.

Free Music Promotion with WhatsApp Status Update!

WhatsApp is a big platform and often overlooked in online music marketing.And that is a great miss, because it offers many good possibilities to connect with people and share your music.So, today I want to share with you 3 tips to use WhatsApp in your YouTube Music marketing strategy.You can use it to share links to your latest