YouTube Content Idea – How to Build a Cigar Box Amp

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Building your own gear is a lot of fun, but can also contain valuable lessons.
Why not share these lessons with your fellow musicians on YouTube! It is a great way to show your skills and to teach others how to modify or build their own amp.
Let’s build an amp and some awesome videos that show how it’s done!

Video Script Example

You normally build a cigar box from scratch. Therefor, you need all the parts before you begin. Start your video by explaining why every part is needed and where people can find it. Salvaging old parts can be a fun extra activity in the process.

Sound and testing

A cigar box amp is usually not used for high quality studio recordings.
Unless you are Silvia Massy, of course. She is a good example of a creative record producer.
Check out her awesome YouTube channel here:

Silvia Massy’s YouTube Channel

By building your own amp, you learn how it works and how you can modify it to sound as good as possible.
If you want, you can apply your findings to a larger amp and modify it to your liking.
Capture everything on video and share it on your YouTube channel. These videos work really well with other DIY musicians and are a great way to get more fans to your channel.

Conclusion and where to go from here

After your fun project is finished, explain what people can do with it and how they can improve it.
You could also show how you use it at the moment. Is it a novelty, or did you record a song with it?
If your amp is used on an album, now is the time to direct people to that song. You could even add a small soundbite!
Put on your creativity hat and build your own amp!
A great example of a cigar box amplifier can be found here. As mentioned, the creator also added a YouTube video!
That is how we like it!
Check out his build here: A Jim of all Trades – Cigar Box Amplifier

Have fun!

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