The simple way to become Verified on Spotify

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The moment of recognition…sort of

After you have uploaded your music to Spotify, you want to become verified on Spotify. You know you need to see that verified sign next to your artist’s name. How awesome is that?
Not only does it look cool, but it also shows that you mean business. You want to be recognized for what you do.

Verified on Spotify is a serious thing…

The “verified” tick on your Spotify profile is not going to make your music more awesome. You still need to create awesome, high-quality music and promote it the best way you can. But that tick not only shows that you are verified on Spotify, it also shows you take your music seriously.
It can be a great start in your music career, and a small personal boost to your “music making” journey.
And getting that trick is super easy. So let’s start with getting verified!

Let’s get verified!

In order to get your account verified, you have to visit the link below.
You should search for your account/band or paste the Spotify link of your band.

Once you have found your band, the whole process is almost done. You just need to verify that you are the real owner of this band, or if you are the musician you claim to be, and you’re done.  
Really, I cannot add more to this story. It still works the same in 2023 🙂

Click here to start the verification process.

After you are finished, you will receive a notification that the process was successful.
Congratulations! You are now verified on Spotify!

Easy-peasy 🙂

Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!
Maurice from