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How to use WhatsApp Status to promote your YouTube Music Video

    Almost everyone uses WhatsApp these days. So why not use it to promote your YouTube channel? Adding an audio file to your WhatsApp status update is a common method to promote a song or short clip. Now it is time to add your YouTube video and get your first views!

    Note! This is a more fun experiment than a serious method to grow your YouTube channel.
    After all, you will likely have friends and family on your WhatsApp, and you don’t want to spam them with your own videos. It also does not come across as a very professional way of promoting your channel.
    A far better strategy will be to set up a good YouTube channel strategy and go from there.

     That being said, if you want to try it, here is what you should do.

    Prepare your YouTube video

    Before adding your video, you should find some videos that you would like to promote. The videos should contain short parts that are meaningful out of context. This is because you will only have 30 seconds to add in a status update. So find a couple of clips, cut them into interesting parts and upload them to your phone.

    Converting the video can be done by using mobile video editing apps like Quick, Inshot or iMovie.

    The next step is to simply change your WhatsApp status update every couple of days. It is important to check whether it gets any views at all.
    Also, check with your friends and family if they have gotten the update and want to share their thoughts. Although they could be friendly to you and say they liked it, reconsider if they are your ideal audience in the end. Will they continue to watch your videos? If yes, keep updating them with your latest videos. If not, simply stop using this method. You will be better off promoting your YouTube channel on other platforms online.

     Why should you use WhatsApp to promote your YouTube channel?

     Like I mentioned before, this is more of a fun experiment than a serious promotion option. So why should you attempt it in the first place?
    The first reason could be to improve your production. Videos can be scary, especially in the beginning. Putting your face on YouTube and talking, singing or playing a guitar can be a strange experience if you have never performed in front of an audience before. 

    By using the Whatsapp method, you can share your short videos with people that you know, and get your first “safe” reactions. 

    A second reason could be to receive some productive feedback. If your friends and family know what you create and like your content, you can double-check some parts of your video to see if they make sense.

     A third reason is to find the best way to create a meaningful 30-second clip.
    Many YouTubers (me included) have trouble producing a short video. Rambling on about something that you like is easy. Making it attractive for your viewers is a total different matter.
    By limiting yourself to a 30-second clip, you can practice creating a meaningful video.

    Refresh your WhatsApp status often

    Because your WhatsApp status only lasts for 24 hours, you can use this as a chance to preview multiple videos to your friends and relatives.
    It is also important that you can check how often your WhatsApp status update is “watched.” This might give you some impressive stats on the side. You will also get a better view on what you should be posting afterward.
    Repeat the videos that do well, and remove the ones that get no plays.
    You can ask for feedback from all your friends on WhatsApp and get helpful reviews.
    Here, it is important not to spam your friends with messages about your status updates. Try to keep it as natural as possible.
    While this is not the top method of promoting your YouTube channel, it can be a valuable first step in learning to receive feedback, getting your first views and learning how to edit a video. 

    If you want to read more about YouTube promotion for Musicians, download the YouTube 101 for Musicians free ebook here

    As always, keep making awesome music and share it with the world! (using WhatsApp 🙂

    Maurice from