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Quick YouTube Hack for more subscribers to your YouTube Music Channel

    Growing your Music Channel on YouTube is a slow process for most of the new channels.
    That is why it can help to try out a variety of tips and hacks to grow a bit faster and get a few more subscribers and fans.
    Sharing your content on a consistent schedule will help with that, but sometimes there are these small hacks that can give your YouTube channel that extra bit of boost in the beginning.
    The following method is used by many YouTubers and can give you a good increase in subscribers if used correctly.
    It is perfectly safe to try out, so no harm done there. You only have to see if you like the concept, as it might not be for everyone.

    A simple trick to increase your YouTube subscribers.

    Instead of sharing your usual link, the one from your YouTube channel, you add a little code at the end.
    So, usually when you share your channel link, and someone clicks on it, they will simply land on to your homepage of your channel.
    It looks like this:

    youtube channel without the hack

    But when you add the following small snippet of code at the end, it will look like this:

    youtube channel with the subscriber hack

    Cool, right?

    So, how can I have this on my YouTube channel?

    At the end of your YouTube channel url, you want to add the following piece of code:
    Then, your full link will turn from this:
    to this:

    To test it out, you can create the link and then add it into a private window of your browser.
    If done correctly, you should see the same pop-up screen as above.
    This simple hack can be a good tip when you have a small YouTube channel, under 1000 subscribers, and want to collect a few extra subscribers in the process of sharing your YouTube Music. Once your channel reaches a large amount of subscribers, you might want to switch back to just sharing your original link.

    Bonus tip: You can shorten the URL by using a tool called!

    It is a fee url shortener and can help to create some shorter, easier to remember URLs/links that are simpler to share. Check it out here and see how you can use it to shorten all important links! (Social links, EPK, Biography, Latest album, you name it)

    Note: It might not be for everyone. Although this hack does not harm your channel and is not against any rules, the subscriber screen that appears might be a bit obtrusive for some.

    Keep making awesome music and share it with the world!

    Maurice from