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Free Online Music Promotion tips that will boost your sales

    As an Indie Artist, you have many options today to start promoting your music online.

    There are a lot of social media platforms to share too, and many streaming services like SoundCloud and YouTube to upload your music too.
    Sharing your music also has tons of benefits. You have more contact with your fans, and it is an excellent way to distribute your music for free.
    In the early days, one (and almost the only) way to go was through radio. Although you can still do that now, with online radio, this isn’t the only way of getting your music heard.
    That is why I give you this list of 7 tools to help you promote your music online.

    You can watch the video here, or read the blog post below the video.

    Nr 1 – Promote your music on Youtube

    Who doesn’t know Youtube? That excellent free video platform where you can find videos about almost everything.
    But is it a good idea to post your music on there?
    Let me list the benefits for you, maybe that helps.
    -it is a free platform
    -it enables you to upload as many songs as you want
    -there are options to share in many ways
    -you can create playlists and share those
    -you can upload your images and banners
    -and you can have images and video with your songs!

    And the switch between audio to video is not a problem. If you don’t have a live show, custom created clip or some other videos that could fit your music, simply add a picture with some necessary information, like where people can find you (website, social platforms and such) and create a video with it.

    To get started with YouTube, check out my YouTube boot camp for musicians post that will help you to take the first steps on YouTube.

    Nr. 2 – Promote your music on SoundCloud

    If you haven’t heard of SoundCloud, you are missing out. .
    SoundCloud is around since 2007 and earned their name because they give the opportunity to upload your music online, for free, and distribute/share it across the net.
    The cool thing about this is you can create a professional account, record some awesome music, and are free to use it, however you want. You can create a playlist, create private tracks to share only with your fans, give the option to download songs, add a professional bio, upload great images and all that cool stuff. If you have no place online yet to put your music, I would recommend you start out with SoundCloud. The setup is simple, and you can double-check if you have all the settings optimized in this article, which explains how to set up the perfect SoundCloud account.

    Nr 3 – How to use iTunes, Spotify, and all the other paid streaming sites.

    Although this doesn’t have to be your first place to go with your music, this could be something to consider, even at an early stage. And do not worry. Uploading and adding to Spotify and iTunes can be done through services like CDBaby, Tunecore, and Routenote, just to name a few.
    I would recommend Routenote. Not only because I am pleased with their service, but also because they are free.
    Yep, you don’t have to pay to get your music on iTunes or Spotify,

    just sign up on Routenote by clicking this link and you’re good to go.

    Your music will be added to Google Play, Napster, Shazam, YouTube and tons more.
    The better the quality audio you can share, the better the first impression of your new fans will be. That is why your music needs to be as professional, mixed and mastered as possible.
    If you do not know how to do that, find someone who can help you with that, or take a course in mixing and mastering your music. It is not super complicated, but you have to know what you are doing to get the best results.
    Don’t just put any demo on there; it will not give the best user experience. Promoting a demo on Spotify is not going to get you the same results as a full, high-quality album.

    But you already knew that, right? 🙂

    Nr 4 – Create an Awesome Electronic Press Kit.

    You might have heard about an EPK. It is an Electronic Press Kit that will showcase you as a musician, so people know what they can expect from you as a musician/band.
    Things like your bio, history, albums, public appearances, live shows and events that your possible managers and promoters might be interested in.
    An EPK is easy to create, and you could get a free one on
    Another EPK option is Sonicbids. You could sign up on Sonicbids as a musician, and fill out all the details from your EPK there. This will give you a decent presence online and will help at a later stage when you start to promote your music online.

    Nr 5 – Create a website as an artist/musician

    This one is pretty much a no-brainer. Having a website, even if you only have a limited amount of information or music to be added, is crucial to your online promotion strategy.
    You want to direct people to your website. And don’t worry, it does not have to be super expensive. If you only register your name (like, it will cost you around 4,50 a year! You can connect this name to any website you already have and lower the cost.
    If you want to step up just a little bit and buy online webspace, which will only set you back around 20 dollars a year. That way, you have full control over all the available features that your website can have.
    There is an excellent deal at They have an excellent hosting package (domain name, website space, WordPress installation, and personal email, like [email protected]) for just under 4 dollars per month.
    New to website building? Don’t worry. SiteGround has some one-click installations for Joomla and WordPress. You could have your website up and running within half an hour!

    Nr 6 – Start using Social Platforms and do some Social Media Music Marketing.

    If you took the other steps, you could use the links from SoundCloud, YouTube and your website to share on social media.
    That way you will get your music out there. You can reach out to a new audience, connect with new fans and increase your exposure.

    Pro-tip, do not only share your music or videos online social. A better way to connect with your fans is by posting new and compelling stuff for your audience to watch, listen and read. Combine that with sharing your music, and you’re good to go.

    You could reach out to other musicians in your niche and talk about topics that might be interesting to read for your fans.
    Talks about the music industry and gear always work well. You can also collaborate with some fans, or share their music on your timeline.
    Also, be social. That is why it is called a Social Platform 🙂
    You should respect every platform the way it is. Don’t just share Twitter links to Pinterest or Facebook links on Twitter.
    Use the best settings for every platform.

    Don’t forget the hashtags when you share your music…

    On Instagram and Twitter, you could use some hashtags.
    Although there are many hashtags that you can use, test out which ones work for your music niche.
    You could start with:
    #promote music
    #soundcloud music
    #whatever instrument you play 🙂

    There are many more like these. Try your music style with variations. If you choose the ones that have a decent reach, you will be fine.
    Your band’s hashtag will probably not work if you are just starting out, that would be something for a later date.
    But it also doesn’t hurt to put them in there. It will just take some time for them to catch on if you are not famous.

    Nr 7 – Use a Mailinglist as a musician

    An important extra feature could be to add a mailing list. It is easy to do with services like Mailchimp, Convertkit or MailerLite.

    You can then start to invite fans to your list.

    An excellent way to get people to sign-up is to share your music. Give them a free download to one of your songs.
    This is worth a lot, so do not worry about giving it away for free.
    If you have a list, even a small one, you can start to share your news and updates. Maybe two times a month to start out and promote your music through the mail.
    If you don’t have a website or don’t want one, you can still use a mailing list.
    You only need the link to the sign-up form, which you can add to various social pages.
    However, if you have a website, people have something to go to, even if they haven’t received a mail from you in a while.

    Other options:

    Of course, these options are not the only ones that you should choose from. You can search for opportunities around you. Promoting your social pages on live shows, or creating business cards with your email, will be an excellent way to start.
    Also, try to search for online opportunities where they ask for musicians to participate, whether with music, interviews or collaboration projects.

    These tips will give you a significant online presence and help you with your online music promotion.
    Let me know if you have any other tips that you have tried and are positive (or negative) about.

    Have fun and keep creating awesome music.

    Maurice from