YouTube Content Idea – “5 Guitar Optimization Tips”

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As a musician on YouTube, you have tons of options to create content.
Aside from uploading your songs, you can create other videos that help you grow your channel and build a large fan base. More content means more opportunities for new fans to find your YouTube channel!
If you are into guitars (you probably are, since you clicked on this post), you have the option of creating how-to’s for fellow guitar players that are just starting out. For this post, I’ll share how you could create some cool videos about guitar optimization.

1. Guitar Intonation tips

Many guitar players have problems with their intonation. It is not the easiest thing to work on, and there is a high chance that you can do something wrong.
If you know how to intonate your guitar properly, make a small video about it. Tell your audience how you have set up your intonation, what tools you use, and how you like to increase the playability of your guitar.
Are there any things that they should look out for? Any special tools you use, or replacements for expensive tools?
Focus on the difficult parts, and they will be grateful for it.
You can totally stay in style and maybe end the video playing a song with your newly setup guitar.
These how-to videos can be a strong tool to engage with your audience. They get to know you better, and you get to share your skills and help them out!

2. Guitar String Height – The most important thing?

Aside from intonation, string height is another important thing to know about when you are starting on guitar.
There are many new guitars that have a terrible string height, and if you are new to guitar, this can be a small hurdle to pass. I have heard many beginners that just quit because they thought “guitar playing is hard” and found it a lot easier after they played on a perfect setup guitar.
Many experts share their secrets to getting the perfect string height. In the end, it is still a combination of skill and personal preference. Some like a higher string action, some like a lower one.
There are also a lot of fans that want to know the string height of their favorite guitar-player.
Bottom line, if you help your audience to set their string height, they will be really grateful for it.
(Check the video below) the minimum amount should be no bigger than a credit card thickness (around.5 millimeter).

3. More technical stuff: the truss rod.

Neck angle is a difficult thing to get right. Some players only start to adjust their neck after they noticed they can do it themselves.
By showing how people can change their neck angle, you will create another group of happy guitar-players.
Again, show them what tools to use and tell them why they should be careful with this process.
Maybe it is a simple process for you. More reason to share how you do it with your fans!

4. Talk Electronics

The electronics of a guitar can have a world of their own. There are so many possibilities in terms of setup, connections, passive or active, pickup types, switch options, and even what types of wires to use.
Show your audience how you have set up your guitar and what works best for you. Tell them how you create your tone (another thing guitarists love to hear) and what gear you used to get that tone.
You can go very detailed with this part. Once you have figured out what your audience likes most, see if you can create more of those videos and build a nice collection of Guitar How-To’s on your YouTube channel.

5. Guitar recording and tone

This last tip might not be something that directly connects with optimizing your guitar, but it will be important for your tone and overall sound. There is a high chance your fans want to know how you created that awesome lead on your latest single, or how you recorded that acoustic song on your latest album.
Share your best recording setup and include all the details you can. I have seen successful YouTube videos with a highly detailed explanation of a certain tone in a specific recording. Fellow musicians really love this stuff (I know I do!) so don’t be afraid to share a couple of videos showing your home or studio setup.

Find what works and create more videos!

Once you know what your audience likes, you can create some more videos around that topic. Put them in a separate playlist, so your fans can binge-watch a full series of “guitar tones” or “guitar setup tricks”. This will increase the overall view count on your YouTube channel, and in the end, you will get more eyes (and ears) on your music! It is also a great way to connect with your fans, as you share your personal findings and tricks.
If you do it right, you will see a huge boost of subscribers on your channel!
Good luck!

As always, keep making awesome music and share it with the world.

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