5 Ways To make Guitar Pedal Repair videos on YouTube

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If you are a handy guy or girl, you probably have fixed a couple of technical difficulties in your studio.
And not the Paul Gilbert kind of Technical Difficulties…
Broken cables and guitar wiring are no mystery to you.
Hey, you even took it one step further and started your own guitar pedal repair.
Once you have succeeded with some repairs, why not create a YouTube video and share it with your fellow musicians?

1. Simple guitar pedal repairs.

You can start with some simple maintenance tips. Opening up a pedal and cleaning it from the inside is not that difficult. Show people how you clean it, what methods you use, and how they can do it without damaging anything. Talk about mistakes you made when you first opened up a pedal. This is a good way to establish trust and show the hurdles you had to overcome when you started your own guitar pedal repair.
Show your process as detailed as possible and talk to your audience through the video. You can add some text in the videos to make it clearer what you are talking about. Your creativity is the limit!

2. First soldering tips

Aside from cleaning, small repairs can be necessary in some pedals. Loose wiring, knobs, switches and components are common in older or heavily used pedals.
If you know how to fix these, document the process of testing pedals to see what works and what not.
List the components that could cause the most common problems and show how to replace them.
Also, give a small lesson about soldering. This is a precise work within pedals, as you are working in a small enclosure.

3. Advanced soldering/modding

Along with some fixes, it is also common to add/remove some components to change the sound of the guitar pedal.
This is called modding. If you know some mods, you can share your personal recommendations and experience with certain mods. Do some comparisons between the stock model and the modded one.
These videos are highly sought after on YouTube, so if you are good at modding, you have a great opportunity to serve your audience there.

4. Build a guitar pedal from a schematic

There are many schematics for guitar pedals to be found online. Building a guitar pedal from a schematic involves more technical skills, but if you can pull it off, it can result in some cool pedals.
Because you built them yourself, you are free to use your color scheme and name them in something cool or funny. There are some weird pedals out there that are made by people just like you.

5. Build a guitar pedal from scratch!

Now, this is some advanced stuff. If you are very good at building, modding and designing your own pedals, this is a golden opportunity to create some high quality videos.
Some noticeable YouTubers that build high quality pedals and also create engaging content are:

JHS Pedals                           

Wampler Pedals                           

Check out their channels to get inspired. They are both great in what they do.

Record your first Guitar Pedal Repair video!

By now, you should have some ideas to help you create some cool videos for your music channel.
Start small with some simple repairs and see if your audience likes it. Also check if you like making them 🙂
Create a couple of videos and share them on your social pages. Ask for feedback and go from there.
If it helps you to grow your channel, you have found your extra content idea to help grow your music channel on YouTube.

Keep creating awesome music and share it with the world!

Maurice from Music-Mindset.com