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5 Tips to grow your Music Channel

    With these 5 simple steps, you can change your YouTube strategy and attract more fans to your artist channel.

    Tip nr. 1: Upload new videos regularly

    By having a steady upload schedule, your fans will know what to expect and when to expect it. This will help you to get more views, as your viewers will know when a video will be uploaded. It works somewhat like TV-shows. People reserve time to watch any show on network television, if they know at what time and date it will be available. Find out how many videos you can create on a consistent basis, and stick to it. Try out at least one video a week, or 2 per month.

    Tip nr. 2: Focus on a good video topic and stick to it

    You know when you have found your best video topic. It will be the one that your fans will watch in full, and you enjoy making it the most. So, whenever you are enthusiastic about a certain topic, and that topic gets a ton of views, just make more! Although this sounds a bit simplistic, it can work to get a healthy YouTube boost, especially if you are a smaller channel. Also, if you look at it from a viewer perspective, this will make even more sense. What if you uploaded a few videos about guitar lessons, and all of a sudden, you upload your car repair video. There will be a high chance that your fans are not expecting it, and unless it is tied in with a previous story or another video, you will not get that much engagement out of it. That is why it will help you, to stick with a good video topic for a small series of videos. You can even make them into a playlist for a better viewing experience!

    Tip nr. 3: Try out different video styles to grow your channel

    Ok, this sounds like the opposite of tip nr. 2, but trying out different video styles is a great way to find your best style and voice. For new channels, this can be a great journey to find the best main topic of your channel. If you already have a larger channel, it can help to introduce new topics if your channel does not get you the results you want. Set a certain time frame for the experiment, like one or three months,

    Tip nr. 4: Create searchable content for your music channel

    The best way to grow a YouTube channel and to get more subscribers, is to create searchable content. It depends on the overall topics of your videos, but usually you can turn any video topic into a searchable topic. If you come up with an idea for a video, it can help to ask the following questions:
    -Why should people watch this video?
    -What is the main takeaway at the end of the video?
    -what is the main topic of the video?

    With these questions, you can create videos with a certain structure, that answer some valuable topics on YouTube.
    Type the main topic into the search bar of YouTube and check the results. If any of the video results are in line with what you want to make, you are off to a great start. If the search gives you unrelated videos, you can also see what YouTube recommends. Type in a small part of your video topic, and see how YouTube auto completes it.
    This is also a great way to find titles for your videos!

    Tip nr. 5: Write down all ideas and progress on YouTube – What works/doesn’t?

    Keep a list of video topics that work/have worked for you. That way, you can structure your video flow for you and your audience. By adding these videos in a playlist, they will make more sense to watch in a series, too!
    A great tool to organize your YouTube workflow is Trello.
    It is free, and you can use it to map out your full upload schedule, video topics, editing workflow and more!
    Check out the full YouTube video here:

    ‍‍Keep making awesome music, and share it with the world!

    Maurice from