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  • How to start teaching guitar lessons.

    How to start teaching guitar lessons.

    If you want to learn to teach guitar, guitar teacher and instructor Neli Harper has some great tips for you.

  • YouTube Musicians – Ariane Cap

    YouTube Musicians – Ariane Cap

    In this awesome interview with YouTube bass guitar instructor Ariane Cap, you will learn how classical music combined with psychology can create the perfect bass study routines and guarantees for some awesome bass chops. Don’t forget to check out her awesome YouTube channel for lessons and play troughs.

  • YouTube Musicians – Terry Oldfield

    YouTube Musicians – Terry Oldfield

    In this interview with a YouTube musician, you will hear more about Terry Oldfield. A great and interesting story about finding inspiration and passion for music. A true artist and musician, in full contact with his creative work.

  • Interview with Amanda McCarthy

    Interview with Amanda McCarthy

    In this interview with YouTube musicians, I talk with the upcoming artist Amanda McCarthy. Amanda’s YouTube channel has some great live performances and new songs. Be sure to check it out here!

  • Social Media and your Music – ACPG Podcast interview

    Social Media and your Music – ACPG Podcast interview

    In this great interview with the ‘Anyone Can Play Guitar’ (ACPG) podcast, I talk about the importance of setting a goal that fits your Online Music Promotion strategy.

  • YouTube Musicians – Brad Urba

    YouTube Musicians – Brad Urba

    In this episode of Journey in Music, I talk with Brad Urba, a singer-songwriter who writes in different styles of music. Brad Urba can be found on YouTube. His channel contains some great high quality music videos. Check it out here and don’t forget to subscribe!

  • YouTube Musicians – Athena Manoukian

    YouTube Musicians – Athena Manoukian

    In this interview with the awesome Athena Manoukian, (Eurovision 2020), you see her way of achieving her goals in music and her view on the music business today. From the early beginning at the age of 12 up until her latest hit song “XO”, Athena lives and breathes music. Check out her YouTube channel too! It is booming, and she has a great YouTube strategy that works really well!!

  • YouTube Musicians – Kai Eckhardt

    YouTube Musicians – Kai Eckhardt

    In this interview with bassist Kai Eckhardt, known for his bass work with musicians such as John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham and Trilok Gurtu (just to name a few) He also created a couple of solo albums like Zeitgeist, and bass guitar lessons like the Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals on Truefire.

  • YouTube Musicians – Bouncing Betty

    YouTube Musicians – Bouncing Betty

    Bouncing Betty can be found on YouTube below. They have a great collection of studio and live videos of their songs.

  • YouTube Musicians – Asher Laub

    YouTube Musicians – Asher Laub

    Asher Laub on YouTube: His YouTube channel has tons of content, ranging from covers to original music.